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Image Marketplace

With the image marketplace you can buy graphics and photos for your website directly within inCMS.

First select a category or a type.

Or you can just click on "all" to search in all categories.

Now type in your keyword on the bottom of the screen.

With double click you can see the detail information of the picture.

You can search for similar suggestions.

When you have found a picture you would like to add to your website, click on "remember".

The picture is now saved in your remembered items.

Meanwhile you have the possibility to create a preview to see how the picture looks on your website.

Click on "folder from files" and select a folder.

Afterwards click on "copy preview to folder".

Now you can add the picture to your website.

It is important to know that your are not allowed to use a picture with a water mark for a productive website.

The best solution is to test the preview of the picture and if you like it we recommend you buy it immediately.

To buy a picture, click on "buy" in the detail information.

You have the possibility to select a size.

If you use the picture exclusively on your website, the size S is sufficient.

It's even recommendable to select XS, when you only use it in a small part of your website.

But if you want to be able to print the picture, we suggest to choose the size M at least.

Now you can click on "buy".

If you have got enough credits, the picture will be saved immediately.

Now you can find the picture in the folder named "purchased items".

If you have not enough credits, you can purchase additional credits with pay pal.

To add your picture to your website, make a double click on it and copy it to your files.

In addition you have the possibility to use the picture on your computer.

Click on the link and the picture will be downloaded.

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