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Keyword Search

In this video we will take a closer look at Keyword Search.

You can start a new keyword search by clicking on the key icon in the toolbar.

Next you can either type in a keyword or a website url.

If you type in a website, SECockpit will search for keywords which are similar to the website's theme.

You can select country and language and add a few filters. For example you can click here and only closely related ideas will be shown. 

Or you can include or exclude certain terms. You can also filter keywords by the monthly search volume. 

All of these filters can be used in the main list as well.

Click on save and close to start the keyword search. This may take a few minutes.

As soon as the list is displayed, you will see the default sorting of the list.

The list is sorted by the niche value, which is based on the monthly searches and on the SEO competition value.

So the interesting keywords are shown at the top of the list.

Here you can see that 100 results are shown of 830 in total. 

With this icon you can scroll to the next page.

If you go to the last page you can see those keywords with a low niche value. 

For example this keyword has only a few monthly searches, but has a very high competition level. 

This means that it would take an enormous effort to get a top ranking for this keyword.

At the beginning of the list you see those keywords, which would be ideal to start an SEO campaign.

As I said before, you can now filter the list.

For example you can type in poster and now only those keyword phrases that include the word poster are shown. 

Of course you can filter by the monthly searches and so on, but this I'll show you in another video.

When you start a new search, you have the ability to show Google Suggest Synonyms.

If you do a google search, you'll see suggestions here. These will be collected by SECockpit.

In another step the tool adds a space, letters and numbers and collects the new suggestions.

This is the automatic process when you start a new search with Google Suggest. 

If you now take a closer look at the list, you'll see that all suggestions are very similar to each other. 

On the contrary there are many different suggestions here in the normal search list. So with Google Suggest you can search more in depth. 

You may noticed that many search results are gray. 

SECockpit doesn't make a SEO Analysis here, because these results have less than 30 monthly searches and are therefore not worth the effort.

However, you can find many good suggestions that you probably wouldn't have found using the ordinary search.

You have a third option, which is called Google related search.

What you have here are the suggestions from a Google search and their related search suggestions. 

These will be collected as well. Here you can see that the keywords are not very similar to each other, but you can get many valuable ideas using this option.

Finally you have the ability to search using a keyword list. If you already have multiple keywords, you can click on the second button in the toolbar and add the list here. 

Next you can select location and language and then on “save and close” to start the search. 

SECockpit will make SEO Analysis of every single keyword on the list and will collect all the information.

This video was about the keyword search functions in SECockpit, all other features you can find in the following videos.

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