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Keyword Competition Analysis

In this video we take a closer look at the data that SECockpit collects for every single keyword it finds.

In the main list you can see the orange competition bar.

This value tells you how hard or easy it will be to get a top ranking for a specific keyword.

If you have a keyword with a full orange bar you probably will have some trouble reaching a top position for this keyword.

Let's take this keyword as an example. 

SECockpit makes an SEO Analysis of the websites ranking on Google's first page, for this keyword.

You can double click on a search result and find out, what the orange bar is based on.

Here you can see the current top websites for the keyword and their information.

Below you have the web search trends, so that you can see the search volume during a certain time period.

Now for the meaning of the columns:

First you have the mozRank value. 

It is a value of SEOmoz which simulates the page rank. 

This means that the mozRank is calculated like the Google Page Rank.

It's a link popularity value, based both on quantity and quality of links referring to the specific URL. It's important to remark that the quality is more relevant than the quantity. 

Even though the Google Page Rank isn't public anymore, it still plays a big role in google's ranking algorithm. The company Moz is regularly doing big researches to detect Google's algorithm. As said before, one of the important factors is Google's Page Rank. With the MozRank you have a monthly renewed, reliable simulation of the page rank.

The following two columns are authority values. On the one hand the page authority and on the other the domain authority. Both values are determined similarly.

They are based on several factors such as the size of the website, the amount of indexed pages on the website, the age of the website, the domain and the page as well. 

And what's also included is the frequency this page appears in the top results. 

The more often a page shows up in the top positions, the higher the page authority.

The difference between the two is that the page authority states the authority of the actual unique page that is showed. Whereas the domain authority is based on the whole domain in general. That's why you see things as this.

Next we have the links. Links are always a big topic in SEO-Discussions. Luckily SeCockpit delivers once again many informations here.

Crucial are the two columns Juice Backlinks and Linked domains.

Juice Backlinks are the total of links that actually influence the ranking on Google. Not every link is actually valuable. Google does a serious job in filtering out spam links. You can compare the column with Juice Backlinks to the column with the total number of backlinks. The difference between the two are the number of links that Google doesn't include in their ranking algorithm. So it really is important to actually have quality links. 

The column Linked Domains indicates from how many independent websites the links are coming. 

Further there are two columns about the total number of backlinks and the number of internal links. Both of this columns are coloured white, because they are not included in the SeCockpit Competition bar. 

Finally there are the social signals. Here you find information about how popular the page is on Google Plus, Facebook and Twitter. These Signals are interesting to look at as well, even though they are still not directly considered in Google's ranking algorithm. Therefore SeCockpit neither includes them in establishing the competition bar. Currently they are mainly displayed to give you a wider perspective on your competition. 

You can see that there are different colors. 

If the number is low, the color will be green and if it is high, the color will be red. 

So the more green you see, the easier it is to reach a top ranking position.

Often times when there is a lot of green, the domain authority of the competition is rather high. 

In this example it is typical, because the page is not very well optimised but is located on a very authoritarian domain. 

Summarised you can see all of these SEO metrics information compressed in the orange competition bar.

It is based on the top websites for a specific keyword.

In addition you have the ability to add additional columns and to divide the positions 1-3, 4-7 and 8-10.

So you can analyse in more detail, how many monthly visitors you would get on the 8. position in comparison to the first ranking, for example.

So with this divided view you can take a closer look at the positions.

Underneath lies the same data as shown in the normal competition bar.

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