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Extended SEO Info Columns

With SECockpit you have the ability to add new columns and filters.

Up until now when you did a keyword search and you wanted to compare the competition, you had to rely yourself on the competition value that SECockpit provided.

Within this bar is an entire analysis behind a keyword.

So when you click on a keyword, you can see the top ten results for this keyword. You can see how well these websites are optimized by looking at the page and domain authority and the juice links.

All this information is compiled into this competition bar.

Now you can add new columns, which are labeled competition extended info. As you can see you've got MR, which is an abbreviation for MozRank. You've got PA and DA for Page and Domain Authority and JL Juice Links.

The exact same information you have in the detail of every single keyword, you now also have in the main list.

For example you can filter the list where you only have keywords, where there is no top ten ranked website with more than 20 backlinks.

With one filter you can easily reduce a very long list.

Now you can continue to personalize and filter this list with the other columns. In addition you have the ability to create your own searching formula and to compare your website directly with the competition. This is explained in another video. 

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