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AdWords Info Columns

With SECockpit you have the ability to see if a keyword has got adwords or not.

You have new columns which are labeled Adwords top, Adwords bottom and Adwords right.

In addition to the detailed keyword analysis you now can see if there is advertising on a keyword search.

You can look at a keyword in the detail and you can start a google search.

And as you can see there are really no adwords.

This is relevant for you, because it makes more sense to achieve a top ranking for a keyword, where the page is not filled with ads.

Take this page as an example: Adwords are located at the top and on the right side of the screen. Therefore the organic search results are no longer at first position.

That's why a first position rank is more valuable here where there are no adwords.

In SECockpit you see if there are adwords for a keyword and if yes, you see where they are; at the top, at the bottom or at the right.

Now you can filter those keywords which don't have adwords at the top for example.

So you can see more and more which keywords are really interesting.

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