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Create individual filters

With SECockpit you have the ability to create own searching formulas.

Click on the setting button and then on "add filter".

Type in a name and click on save.

Now you can create your very own filter template.

For example you can activate only those keywords, where there is no top ten ranked website with more than 20 backlinks.

Or that only those keywords will be shown, where the competition bar isn't filled more than 50%.

As soon as you have finished personalizing your filter, you can click on save and close.

Now you can activate the newly created filter and the list will be adapted.

As you can see, there is no keyword, where there is a top ten ranked website with more than 20 backlinks.

Further there's is nowhere a competition value with more than 50%.

So you can create self-made searching formulas and then adapt your keyword search to your individual wishes with only one click.

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