CrossSignup Module

With inCMS you have the possibility to add a CrossSignup module, which connects your form with MailChimp or a similar E-Mail service provider.

First click on a green plus icon and select CrossSignup.

Then you can insert an auto responder code.

Go to MailChimp and select the list you'd like to connect with your form.

Next click on sign up forms and select embedded forms.

Now you see the html code which you can copy to inCMS.

You can decide whether there's only an E-Mail address required to type in or also a name.

Afterwards you have the possibility to link a thank you page instead of the standard MailChimp page, which is more professional and gives you more options as to what the user sees after signing up. 

Here you can enter the submit button label.

In addition you can add further fields, for example a field for the phone number. If the phone number field isn't supported by your E-Mail service provider you can still download it directly from our CrossSignup module - every entry is also saved here.

After that click on save and close.

Finally you can test your form in the preview mode.

Let's enter a name and E-Mail.

As you can see, it's redirected us to a thank you page of our choice after submitting.

Let's switch to MailChimp - here you can see the entry was added.

But let's go back to inCMS and edit the CrossSignup module - in the tab "data" you can see that inCMS also saves every entry - including fields, which your E-Mail service provider may not support.