Basically, there are two options that work this way:

1st Option: Someone will sign-up as an affiliate via your link. In this case this person will become a sub-affiliate of yours and you will get the commission(s).

2nd Option: If your someone signs-up as an affiliate via the general (our) link or somebody else's link, you would not receive a commission.

The sub-affiliate will be interested in promoting the products too - so if someone purchases through the sub-affiliate, say for SECockpit monthly at $97, this is what happens:

The following example will serve to illustrate the payout under an affiliate/sub-affiliate relationship:

Client: pays $97
Sub-Affiliate: gets 30%: about $29
Parent-Affiliate: gets 5%: about $5

Please note that affiliate commissions may not be misused to get the products cheaper. You may not receive affiliate commissions for your own purchases — this applies to sub-affiliates as well.