Create restricted page and login page

In this video I will show you, how you can create a restricted page and a login page with MemberBizProfit.

First log in to you MemberBizProfit page and create for example a new page for a PDF-Download.

When you activated the Digistore in the expert mode, which is shown in the previous video, then you now have the ability to restrict the page here. The page is now invisible for normal visitors, but available for customers who use the login page.

So now you need a login page. Templates in the category „membership“ already contain a login page.

If you want to do it on your own, create a new login page, which you do not restrict, and then click on a plus icon and select Member Auth. Next you can choose a button design and then click on save and close.

Now you have a login page which is visible for all visitors and a restricted page, which is only visible for members. In the next video you can see, how you can create members and tags with access to the restricted page.