The CrossTagger code allows you to tag already logged in users with a specific tag.

Compatible integrations:

  • Quentn

  • KlickTipp

  • Infusionsoft

  • 4leads

Integration with custom SmartElement code:

Note about HTML code: This html comment will give you information about the CrossTagger settings in the sourcecode if you inspect it.

<!-- CrossTagger Tag:{TAG} Action:{ACTION} -->



  "crosstagger": {

    "_label": "CrossTagger",

    "tag": {

      "label": "Tag Name",

      "inputType": "text",

      "multilang": true,

      "html": true


    "action": {

      "label": "Action",

      "inputType": "select",


        "addtag": "Add аditional Tag",

        "movetag": "Move the user to another Тag",

        "untag": "Remove user from the Тag"


      "html": true




Multilang note: if you keep "multilang": true in JSON, you can use 2 different TAGS to split the users who speak different languages

Integration with Sourcecode module:





Replace {TAG} with the tag name which you want to assign the logged user with

Replace {ACTION} with one of these: addtag , movetag , untag

  • Select addtag if you want to add the new {TAG} like аditional tag

  • Select movetag if you want to remove all current tags and add only the new one

  • Select untag if you want to remove the user from the added tag {TAG}