The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a regulation in EU law on data protection and privacy. When creating and running a website in the EU, this should be conform the GDPR. The use of cookies is one example that has to be in line.


NEW: Data Protection menu

We have recently added a Data Protection menu. You can find this in inCMS in the left menu: Settings -> Data protection. Here you can enable or disable certain features.

We are still working on further developing this menu. In the coming weeks we will add more options. 

We are also working on an integrated solution with an Information & Consent Banner. You can then enable this banner to inform website visitors about data protection and privacy on your website. You will also get the possibility to offer your website visitor the option to enable/disable certain features themselves. 



Statistics (Matomo / Piwik)

Matomo (Piwik) is website analytics software. inCMS uses this to track info on for example the number of visitors of your website. The tool uses IP-addresses. This data is stored anonymously. Matomo / Piwik is available for all types of inCMS Websites. 

When you disable this feature, you won’t have any statistical data. Important: once disabled, you will also lose any historical data!

Google Fonts

Your website connects with Google Fonts (and thus with Google Servers) to display all non-standard fonts correctly. It then loads the required web fonts in the visitors browser cache. If you don't want this to happen, you have to:

1) Choose a non-Google Font


2) Download and install the Google Font on your website 

For more information, see:

When you disable this feature, and haven’t implemented option 1 or 2 from above, a website visitor will see your website displayed in a default font. 



inCMS uses only a minimum of cookies: only there and then when it’s necessary to run (parts of) the website. Cookies are used for:

  • Login part of Member Pages (to save the logged in visitor)

  • Pop-Up Module (so a website visitor will not see the popup again and again)

  • Timer-Flexies (to save the counter start time, linked to the first website visit)

The new Information and Consent Banner will inform website visitors about this. A visitor won’t be able to disable these features, as these are required to have the website working well. This is in line with law and regulations.


EU Cookie Law Module

Currently, you can still use our EU Cookie Law Module. You can insert this in your webpage, the same way you insert any element. Once we have further developed the new Information and Consent Banner, it will replace the current EU Cookie Law Module. 

~~ Check this page again for any updates! ~~