We've developed a new feature for our Online Academy Members: you can now add a quiz to your website!

You can use this for different purposes. For example, when you sell courses you can now test the knowledge people (should) have gained while following your course. When you sell a product or service, you can find out more about a potential customer, before you speak with them on a sales call. A quiz can also help a potential customer to understand more about him/herself and their need for your product or service. It could show you have useful knowledge on this topic and thus increase your credibility. Etc. etc. 

At the moment you can create two types of quizzes:

  • A type quiz
  • A test

A type quiz will have several possible outcomes. For example: you can test someone’s personality, someone’s communication style, etc. etc. A concrete example: a travel agent could recommend holiday destinations and/or holiday types (active holiday, beach holiday, etc. ) based on a quiz. This kind of quiz is very suitable on a Landing Page. 

With a test quiz someone can pass or fail a test.  A concrete example is a language test. Someone needs to answer for example 15 out of 20 questions correctly to pass the test. This kind of quiz is very suitable for Member Pages. You can test your members’ knowledge and activate access to certain other pages, based on the results. 

This article describes how to set up and edit a quiz for your website. 

For a successful quiz you will need:

  • Questions

  • Answers to these questions

  • A webpage on which website visitors can take the test

  • Subpages that are shown, depending on the test outcomes

All these elements are related to each other. Therefore, it might take a bit of going back & forth to create and finalize your quiz. 

This article describes the different steps of creating a quiz in a certain order. However, it could be that you will be working on your quiz in a different order. When you first set up a quiz, we recommend you to create a little test quiz on a test website, so you can get used to our tool; before creating a real quiz on your actual website. This will help you to understand the best way for you to create and manage quizzes. 

Activate quiz module

The quiz module is available to our Online Academy Members with an inCMS subscription. Contact us at support@swissmademarketing.com if you would like to use the quiz module, but don't have it available in your website.

Note: the quiz is still in beta! This means it’s still in the development and test phase, so errors and inconsistencies may occur. In case this happens, please contact us at support@swissmademarketing.com.

Quiz control panel

When you login to your website, you will find “Quiz (Beta)” in the menu on the left. When you click here, you will find an overview of the quizzes made and the results recorded. Here you can add quizzes, edit quizzes, delete quizzes and check the answers given by your website visitors. 

Note: you will only have this menu item when you’ve activated the quiz in General Settings (see above).

Insert the quiz in your website - part 1

To make the quiz accessible to your website visitors and to make sure they get redirected to the right outcome page, you need to set up:

  • A page with the quiz (through which website visitors can start the page)

  • Pages with the possible outcomes. With a test quiz you will need 2 subpages: one to show if someone has passed the test and one to show when someone has failed the test. With a type quiz you will need as many subpages as you have outcome types. 

We recommend you to create these pages before creating the quiz questions and answers. You can make draft pages and finalize them later on. 

Add a new quiz

To add a new quiz, go to the quiz in the menu on the left and click on the symbol with the plus (add a new quiz). A tab appears. Give your quiz a name and click “save and close”. The tab will now be updated and show more sections, where you can add questions and define outcomes.

Quiz outcomes

We recommend you to start with defining the quiz outcomes (before creating the questions & answers). This is especially recommended when you make a type quiz. Once you’ve defined the possible outcomes, you can more efficiently create your Q&A’s, including which answers should add points to which outcomes. 

To define the quiz outcomes, click on the quiz name in the quiz menu on the left. A tab opens. This tab contains the quiz name, questions overview and a section “outcomes”. Here you will need to define each possible outcome. 

With a test quiz you will have 2 possible outcomes: 

  • someone who takes the quiz either 1) passes the test or 

  • 2) fails the test. 

With a type quiz you can have several outcomes. For example, when you have a personality type quiz, the outcomes could be 4-5 different personality types. You will need to define an outcome for each of these types. 

Click “add a new outcome” to add a new outcome. A pop-up menu appears.

  • Give the outcome a name. 

  • Define the redirection. This could be a link to a page of your website, an external website, a file, etc. This is the page that will be shown at the end of the quiz, when someone qualifies for this outcome (based on his/her answers). This field is a required field. So if you haven’t created this page yet, it’s best to do this first (see also the paragraph ‘Insert the quiz in your website - part 1’ in this article). 

  • If you have a test quiz, activate the toggle “score”. Here you can define, for example, how many questions someone should answer correctly to pass the test. You need to insert this number in a percentage of the total number of questions. 

  • If you have a type quiz, you will have added points to certain outcomes for each question & answer combination. Here you will see a table showing the corresponding question & answers and the points they add to this outcome (you will see this overview once you’ve created the questions and answers). 

  • For member pages, you can activate or disable permissions based on quiz outcomes. To do so, activate the toggle “manage permissions”. For example, when you sell courses, you could add a test quiz at the end of each course. Once a customer has passed the test, you can automatically activate a new course for him/her. 

Click “save and close”.

Repeat this until you’ve added all possible outcomes for your test. 

Note: for a test quiz, you will need to add 2 outcomes: passing the test and failing the test. 

Add questions & answers to your quiz

Once you’ve made a quiz, you can add questions. You can do so straight after creating the quiz, or you can add questions to an existing quiz. To do this, click on the quiz name in the quiz menu on the left.

Click “add a new question”.

A tab opens. Write the question. This is the text that will be shown to a website visitor when taking your quiz. 

Choose the type of question. At this moment it is only possible to have multiple choice questions. We will add other types in the future.

Click “save and close”.

The tab will be updated with a section in which you can add the answers to this question. 

Click “add a new answer”.

A tab opens. Write down one of the answers to the question. This is the text that will be shown to your website visitor. 

If you’d like you can add an image. You can also leave this empty. 

Next, define what happens when this answer is selected. 

  • When your quiz is a test, activate the toggle “Mark question as correct / incorrect” and select whether this answer is correct or incorrect. 

  • When you have a type quiz, activate the toggle “Add points towards an outcome”. Define the number of points that should go to this outcome and select the corresponding answer. Note: to be able to select an outcome, you will need to define the outcomes first, before you create the questions & answers. See the paragraph on “Define outcomes” in this knowledge base article. 

Note: if no option is selected, the quiz will continue with the next question (but no points or good/false score will be recorded). Therefore it is recommended to select one of these two options and fill in the empty fields.

The following settings are optional:

  • In case a website visitor gives a certain answer, it might be that you want to skip a few questions. If this is the case, activate the toggle “Skip to a question” and select the next question that should be shown to your visitor. Note: it could be that this is a question you haven’t created yet. In that case, continue adding questions & answers and activate this option later. 

  • With type quizzes, it could be that a certain answer makes it so obvious what the end result is, that you don’t need to ask more questions and want to end the quiz and show the corresponding outcome. In this case activate the toggle “End quiz” and select the corresponding outcome. 

Note: if none of these options is selected, the quiz will continue with the next question.

Click “save and close”. 

You can now add another answer. 

Repeat these steps until you’ve created all answers to your question. 

When you’re in a tab to add, edit or delete a question and it’s answers, click “save and close” to return to the quiz page overview. The section “Questions” will now show an overview of the questions you’ve created. Click the “show answers” button above the table when you’d like to see the answers for this question. Double click a question to get to the tab with detailed info on the question and its answers (to add, edit or delete).

Insert the quiz in your website - part 2

Earlier in this article we described that you need to create several pages in your website:

  • A page with the quiz module (through which website visitors can start the page)

  • Pages with the possible outcomes. 

Page with the quiz module:

Once you have created a quiz, you can add it to a subpage. Go to the page in which you’d like to include the quiz. 

Click on the plus symbol and select “quiz” from the pop-up menu (section Marketing).

A pop-up menu appears.

  • Select the quiz you’ve just made from the drop down list next to “quiz”.  

  • Add an email address. Quiz results will be sent to this email. 

  • Select the applicable checkboxes.

  • Choose the required design. We recommend trying these out and see what you like best. 

Click save.

The quiz has now been added to a subpage. You can insert a text field above to give the quiz a title and add other elements to the page. 

Note: when a website visitor starts the quiz, he/she will first be asked to add his/her email address. You might want to add a text field above the quiz module, to explain this. 

Pages with the possible outcomes

As described before: create these pages as you normally create a subpage. In the outcomes section of the quiz module, you set up links to these pages. These pages will be shown to your website visitors, depending on how they made the quiz. 

Test your quiz

We highly recommend testing the quiz before you publish it to a broad audience. Things to test for are:

  • Is the quiz start page correct and clear?

  • Does the quiz lead to the right outcomes (for example, test the quiz several times and try to pass/fail the test or try to get to different type outcomes)?

  • Are the outcome pages correct and clear?

  • Are the test data saved in the quiz module?

  • Do I receive test data and results in my email?

  • Etc. etc.

When you have any questions about our quiz module, please contact us at support@swissmademarketing.com.