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URL Search

To start a new URL search with BacklinkSpy, click on the first button on the top toolbar.

Next type in your URL. You can enter multiple URLs at once.

Afterwards you can name your profile and choose an icon.

If you choose "simple search", you will only see SEO information about the entered URLs.

But if you select “recursive search”, which is the version we suggest to start a new project, you will see all the backlinks of the entered urls.

Depending on the package you have you can find more or less backlinks per URL entered.

So for example if you choose a hundred, the hundred best URLs will be shown.

Best meaning the hundred URLs with the highest page authority.

Next click on "start new search". 

In a few moments you will see the data.

If there are several backlinks from the same domain, these will be shown on separate rows.

Click on "group by domain" to see each domain just once - this helps you get a clearer overview.

When you click on the pencil button you can rename your project.

Click on "delete list" if you want to delete your search.

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