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TrafficAnalysis Reports

You have the ability to print TrafficAnalysis Results for a customer, for example.

First click on this button and a new window will be open where you can print the document either in the european or in the american format. 

As you can see a complete PDF document was created which you can print or send to a customer.

Depending on your browser you can print the document here.

If your browser blocks the SMM Pop up, just click on "allow" or "permit" Pop ups from SMM.

You have the ability to personalize your reports, so that you can sell the project under your name.

You can include your own logo by inserting the URL of an image here. 

If you don't know how to upload your logo, you can just go to, where you can upload pictures with a URL for free.

In addition you can type in your company's name and address. 

If you print it again you see that the document is now personalized with your title, logo and address, so that you can sell it under the name of your company.

If you are a customer of SECockpit as well, you can personalize the reports from SECockpit and TrafficAnalysis differently, which means that you can personalize the TrafficAnalysis reports separately.

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