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Filtering Search Results

With SECockpit you have the ability to filter your search results.

What you have is a list filled with keyword ideas. Now, what do you do with it?

With the right use of filters you can make the list even more valuable.

You can apply a filter to any column.

Click on this icon and type in a number here.

For example you can filter these keywords, which have a competition value of less than 50%

It's all about finding out, which keywords are the best to optimize your website.

Now it's ideal to find keywords with easy competition or with a low orange bar.

In addition it is possible to reduce a long list with many keywords to a smaller number.

Now you can combine additional filters.

For example, you can filter those keywords with more than 200 monthly searches.

As you can see the list was reduced once again and you now have a list of those keywords which are really relevant to you, because all of them have easy competition and many monthly searches.

Of course you can apply filters to those columns, which are deactivated at the moment.

Click on this button to activate additional columns such as Words, Adwords Ads top and videos.

As I said you can now apply a filter to these new columns. For example you can filter those keywords which have more than two words. In addition you can click here on "Show in groups". 

Or you can filter those keywords which contain a video in their search results by clicking on YES.

Of course you can remove and edit the filters whenever you want.

The use of filters in SECockpit is rather important, because you can find needles in a haystack within seconds.

Which filters work best depends on the goal of a business and on the individual website.

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