Here are a few things to check:

  1. Open the Domain Settings from the domain you are tracking.
  2. Confirm that there is no prefix in the Domain URL field, ""http://www."" It should only include the domain name """" for example.
  3. Next, confirm that the ""Tracking Active"" checkbox is checked.
  4. Confirm that a language and location are selected.
  5. The Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools profiles for each site you are tracking need to be selected.
  6. If you are not using Google Analytics or Webmaster Tools, you will need to confirm that the SEMRush checkbox is checked (Pro & Agency Version). This will use the SEMRush database of over 100,000,000 keywords either in addition to Google or instead of Google. You can also use Searchmetrics (only Agency Version).
  7. Click on ""Save and Refresh Data Today".

Give it a few hours and you should begin to see data.